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{Monday, March 10, 2003}


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posted by arisbe 10:16 PM

{Sunday, January 05, 2003}

"Problem I see with blogs," quoth the good Bishop, "is who will read them?"

So I was led to spend much of the past season online in the small world of LiveJournal, where about 95 folks regularly read my posts, that is, when I post anything at all.

Then, about a week ago I got an email from a friend of the family we hadn't seen for years and years, who stumbled across this blog -- either this one or my more personal one. It was nice to hear from her, and get pictures of her children. And last night I went to a Mardi Gras party in Astoria -- Nawlins people start Mardi Gras at Epiphany, after all, it's their only industry -- and an eccentric gentleman (even for that crowd) began speaking of my comments on the Russian Catholic Church, not knowing that they were in fact mine, intimating that our host needed to get involved in blogging, not knowing that he in fact has posting rights on this blog, which he has never used. So I thought I'd best revive the enterprise, even though the original members, mostly from the First Hour list, have migrated over to LiveJournal without doing much here. So I am posting this message, and sending reminders to many of the folks I invited way back when, who never responded, and inviting a few more folks I have met since.

And if this blog develops a distinct traditionalist, even monarchist, or antiwar flavor, well so be it.

A blessed Theophany to all!

Yours between the stars,

posted by arisbe 9:12 PM

{Saturday, September 07, 2002}

Just responding to O Kirios Purcell invitation.
Bram, Iowa
posted by rober 1:08 AM

{Friday, July 05, 2002}

Response on use of Live Journal as a community center
with thoughts on misspent youth and age.

Franks's is a good picture of live journal life I
think(after just using it for a week) but perhaps misses a
couple of things...
1) we can have a 'community' lj with membership or
attatchment only by approval of owner, and with all
able to post. this would be a community center for all
the else dispersed centers.
2) dont know about you but as soon as,if ever, more
of our community have ljs, I intend to purge my friends
list and so not have their stuff(interesting as it may be
can visit it by a click as long as they are reading mine)
on that part of my page.

problem I see with blogs, is who will read them?
But here I may just be betraying my own unfamiliarity
with blog culture and I am sure in part am-- or perhaps
as happens still expressing a youth not perhaps well
expressed when in fact possessed!

posted by seraphim 12:37 PM

{Wednesday, July 03, 2002}

I have joined +S and nasha Dasha on LiveJournal; this doesn't mean that I am abandoning you on Blogger -- they are different tools for different purposes. Let me explain.

LiveJournal has the excitement ICQ had three or four years ago, and SixDegrees in its brief incarnation. It is for people, mostly young people, or at least young at heart, with an impulse to express themselves, explore, reach out. There is a sense that you are not signing up for a service as much as joining a community, if only a community of communities. And the notion of community is a bit different.

Anyone can read this blog, but to post on it you have to be invited, respond to the invitation, and fill out the registration. To post an entry you have to be somewhat nerdish, or at least comfortable with nerdischkeit. This is perhaps suited to something like Between the Worlds, which is based on a definite vision, that which created the First Hour journal and mailing list. On Live Journal the expectation is that everyone is a distinct center of interest. To see the postings of all +Seraphim's friends, you go to his page and click on his friends, and you will see everything his friends have posted in chronological order. Inevitably he will have LiveJournal friends who would have no interest in First Hour, and whose postings would not be appropriate for either First Hour or Between the Worlds. He already has friends who are not mine, and I have friends who are not his, and ditto for Dasha, and that is how it should be. Each of us is the center of her (or his) own world.

Classical blogging is more top-down. People start blogs because they have a point of view they are moved to share, often one not well regarded by the general culture, and likeminded blogsters link to each other's blogs and respond to each other's postings. There is an active conservative Catholic blog community, which our Gerard refers to as St. Blog's parish, well represented by himself and by the Old Oligarch's Painted Stoa. The group blogs, like this one, tend to be run by folks who have a common commitment. Libertarian Samizdata is a good example.

At least that's the way I see it.

And as it will soon be the fourth of July, check out this message from, not National but Rational Review.
posted by arisbe 11:17 PM

{Tuesday, July 02, 2002}

This is from my live journal,
to which I invite anyone here... I am thinking the live journal is more attractive
as a communal place than the blog-- Frank , let's talk this over some time...
but for now will put my stuff here too sometimes...
not that it is anything great, but I mean just being in touch and so on...

Seeing in a cyber dream Joseph and Pharaoh's butler and baker.

Joseph dreamed of the advancement of the
butler and of the disasterous future of
the cook.

This morning I have two emails , one
from a friend in Moscow that she will have
a new position with double salary.
The other from Abu Dhabi where a contract
worker has been terminated as of today
without warning and:
"i might wandering around the world now
or land in another wotld"

And I at my computer dreaming as it were
of Joseph who somewhere is still dreaming
the destinies...
May the 0ne who dreams me dreaming the
dreamer and the dreamed bless us all!

Shalom. Salaam. Shanti. to us...
posted by seraphim 3:20 PM

{Saturday, June 29, 2002}

June 29th 2002. A QUERY TO READERS
Hello. Well, this is my first Blog entry and perhaps it is not so difficult to do.
But you know on an email list I subscribe to ,the question came up of what are
the most magical writings one can think of?

This can have various answers and first of all I suppose depending on whether one
means description of Magical rites, or more--whether Magic is used or not-- a
certain numinous quality.
I proposed the "Piper at the gates of dawn" section in Wind in the Willows
in which Mole and Ratty ,rowing all night on the river, hear faint music
and follow it to ,in effect, an encounter with their Creator as it may be...
or anyway His emmisary to small animals.

A lady replied that this touched some deep memory in her of what that
chapter had meant to her and which she had almost forgotten...

I wonder have any of you, any here, any such specially magical books
or chapters to remember or to commend to our memory?

posted by seraphim 8:51 PM